Go beyond your limits, take the cut-off challenge to continue the YOTTA experience

A series of loops consisting of a swimming section and a walking section. At each lap, an increasingly demanding time barrier forces the athletes to speed up again and again or risk not being able to start again. Each lap completed within the time limit is already a victory.

Swim fast, run fast and repeat the same sequence with more intensity loop after loop to reach the end of the effort.

The YOTTA XP takes place on Saturday 22 July 2023 :

  • XP WOMEN – start at 4pm
  • XP MEN – start at 4.20pm

Access to the transition area can be made one hour before the start of the race.

The YOTTA XP format is designed for both seasoned athletes and those who want to try new formats and experiences:

  • YOTTA XP : a 1 km swimming and 8 km running loop, to be repeated 3 times with a start every 60 minutes for men and 65 minutes for women. Thanks to an independent ranking, come and push your limits by starting 3 times alongside the best athletes.


  • YOTTA XP ELITE : This course is the ultimate stage of the YOTTA challenge. It corresponds to loops 4 and 5 of the YOTTA XP format. At this stage of the competition, the athletes, both male and female, will have completed a 3km swim and a 24km run, with only the top finishers joining an impressive start list.
découvrez le format YOTTA XP - des boucles de 1km de natation et 8 km de course à pied, avec des départs toutes les 60 min

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